Our Approach

We provide a personalized boutique experience focused on creating beautiful products and unique artwork that is meant to be displayed prominently in your home or business.

It all starts with Step 1- The Planning Meeting.

We meet with you in person (or phone/skype/facetime if needed) to pick the perfect location and create a style and plan for your session. With photoshop and a carefully-planned stylized shoot, the possibilities are endless!

After Step 2- The Photo Shoot, Comes Step 3- The Viewing Session

where we meet with you again to show you your artwork, discuss any additional retouching or editing changes desired, and help you pick the best products to fit your needs.  We use software to show you what different sizes and wall groupings will actually look like on your walls before you order. By using this personalized approach we ensure that your end-products will go seamlessly with your current decor whether its meant for your child's whimsical unicorn bedroom or .mom's modern office.

Lastly, Step 4-Receiving Your Artwork.

We will personally deliver your products and even install them for you!

We only partner with the highest quality labs to ensure your products not only look great, but are also archival quality and built to last!


Our Story

I started Heaven's Paintbrush in 2010. I  worked my way up, eventually breaking into the wedding industry and achieving artistic success... but not after making plenty of mistakes rooted in self-doubt along the way! Now I have a whole team of amazing women, plus one awesome son, working here at Heaven's Paintbrush!

This is why I mentor.

I want other women to know their worth and follow their dreams, not waste time doubting themselves!

As a child at age 11 I got the life altering diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. It's been a roller coaster, but I never let it hold me back! The T1D community holds a very special place in my heart and is a big part of what we do. We do a lot of work with JDRF and cover events such as the One Walk in Downtown Atlanta.



That is also why we lead the Photographers of Bartow Association, a supportive community of photographers that learn from & teach each other, as well as come together for local charity events.

We absolutely love volunteering, not only for the T1 community & JDRF, but we are also very excited to see how the new PBA (Photogs of Bartow Association) is going to team up with local organizations to give back to the Bartow county community.


Meet the Team

I've had the privilege of working with and mentoring many wonderful women over the years (and 1 son). I wish I could include them all here because they've all been solid building blocks in the foundation of who we are as a company. Here is our current team:

Angela Ferguson

Founder & Director of Photography

I'm a pretty typical mom who just loves photography and making others happy! Not typical would be the fact that my husband and son each have a dog, but I have tarantulas and a bearded dragon.

Jax Madden


Jax got her start in the world of YouTube, interviewing creators and becoming one herself.  She's our free spirit and I'm pretty sure she never misses a comic-con.

Jerica Ward


Not only a photographer, but our in-house graphic artist & Mom of now 2 little boys, Jerrica quite litterally just had her 2nd son this January 2019! Congratulations Girl!!!

Dustin Ferguson


Dustin is my wonderful son, he's a lone wolf in a sea of females! He's been around photography since he was little and he's definitely the jokester of the group!

Schedule a Planning Meeting

To schedule a Planning Meeting, click the Contact Us button, or simply text "Plan" to (404)-380-7930