Our Mentoring Program

We've mentored women of all different ages from 14 to 40's. Our goal is to help them build confidence and skills. We want to inspire others to pursue their dreams. We accept women of all different skill levels, from knowing nothing about photography to already having working  experience. We teach them how to use equipment, business skills, and we bring them on real photo shoots to learn real world experience.


How much does it cost?

It is free for applicants that meet certain qualifications. For example, we give priority to low-income mom's and women & teens with T1D (type one diabetes) or other chronic illness or disabilities.




Paid mentorships

For women & teens that have no experience at all and don't meet the criteria above, we charge $3,000 for a 6 month mentorship.  They will receive a one-on-one class at least once a month and be able to assist on multiple photo shoots. They will gain experience for their resumes and build valuable skills and confidence that can be applied not just to photography, but any job.




Gyllian & GT Photography

One of our girls that started out at only 14 years old has been running her own successful company for over 2 years now at only 17!! She is an amazingly talented young girl that I'm sure will be a huge success in anything that she peruses! Check out her company and her beautiful work:

GT Photography




Next Steps...

If you'd like to request a mentorship or an internship, please send us an email.